Discover the Book - June 22, 2010


The Experience of Peter



Peter never forgot what Jesus told him at Caesarea Philippi.


He knew Christ was the Rock and we are just living stones who are built into His habitation.


As we open to the 1st words of the Gospel by Mark - note what they are. "The beginning of the GOSPEL of Jesus".


This whole book is about the Good News about Jesus.

Remember as we read those inspired words that they are the words written by John Mark recording the experience Peter had walking with Jesus for 3 plus years.


Remember what we learned about Peter?

·         No one ever followed Jesus more closely than Peter.

·         No one ever listened to Jesus more intently than Peter.

·         No one ever knew Jesus better than Peter. And -

·         No one ever wanted to imitate Jesus more completely than Peter.


Peter's life is synonymous with the Gospel.

·         Peter was called by Jesus to join the Gospel Team of Twelve.

·         Peter watched Jesus minister the Gospel for over three years.

·         Peter learned first hand and up close what the Gospel was and what he was to proclaim as Christ's messenger.

·         Peter learned it, lived it, and preached it.


That total devotion to the Gospel changed his life forever. His world based on the shore line of Galilee was expanded by Jesus to embrace all peoples every where - and through the Gospels, the Book of Acts and 1st & 2nd Peter all people throughout all of time on Earth. That is why we can say Peter's life was perhaps the greatest life ever lived for the Glory of God.


·         Peter stands tallest among all that ever walked this planet.

·         Peter, the man Jesus chose, the man Jesus trained, the man Jesus saved from death --

·         Became Peter the man Jesus warned, the man Jesus watched deny Him, the man Jesus protected from the Devil --

·         Became Peter the man Jesus restored, the man Jesus used, and the martyr who hung humbly upside down on a cross because he was unworthy to die as Jesus died.


If there is ever a person that shows the love of Jesus, the compassion of Jesus, the patience of Jesus, the forgiveness of Jesus, the restoring power of Jesus, and the empowerment for ministry that Jesus can give - it is Peter!


Next to the Name of Jesus there is probably no name more associated throughout history with Christianity than the name of - Peter. He was a pillar of the ancient church - a legend of a man. He is revered, venerated, and quoted around the world to this very day. But who was he?  And more importantly -- what did he say about Jesus?


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