NYC Wants Teen 'Sexting' Ban, In School And Home

Jim Liebelt

Parents and schools struggle with the role technology plays in kids' lives. But a new push to keep them safe has some saying it goes too far.

New York City schools now want to punish students caught "sexting" -- no matter where they do it.

The Department of Education wants to ban both cyber bullying and sexting in New York City's public schools at all times, even outside of school hours.

The sexting proposal has drawn the opposition New York's Civil Liberties Union. 

The proposal would let a principal do anything from hold a parent conference to expel for cyber bullying.

Not only does the Department of Education want to ban sexually explicit text messaging that students may do off hours on nights, weekends and summer vacation, but they also want to punish them for it, handing out up to a 90-day suspension.

Some students said this proposal is going too far. 

Yet parents find it less of a black and white issue.

"I wouldn't want them punishing my child, but somehow if we could prevent sexting and cyber bullying and everything I would be in favor of that," said Brooklyn resident Betsy Davidson.

Source: WCBSTV