Discover the Book - September 21

The Four Spiritual Flaws


Satan is in an all out attack to make you and me doubt, reject and become deafened to the voice of Jesus. We are not listening to the voice of Jesus when we think wrongly about God! Will you listen to that voice? Adam and Eve chose to not listen to God.

Pride is the sin of competing with God, and humility is the virtue of submitting to His supreme glory.

Satan has disguised his wicked way of pride quite well. Pride comes dressed in many wrappers.

·     We may be tempted to be self-centered in our feelings. This comes in the actions of being hurt, aloof, divisive, arrogant, resentful, and bitter.

·     We may be self-seeking in our living. This comes in the attitudes of: pride in our abilities, pride in our possessions, pride in our education, pride in our social status, pride in our appearance, pride in our power, and even our biblical knowledge or religious accomplishments.

But throughout Scripture the Lord calls His people to humility. "Before honor comes humility" Prov. 15:33; "The reward of humility and the fear of the Lord are riches, honor and life" (22:4)


God has designed humility as the ingredient in all spiritual blessings. Just as God warns that every sin has its roots in pride, God exhorts that every virtue has its roots in humility. Humility is liberating because in it we can see ourselves as we are, because it shows us our life in the sight of God as He is.

Pride always provokes every conflict we have with other people. Pride breaks our communion and hinders our fellowship with the Lord.

Humility promotes every harmonious human relationship, humility nurtures every spiritual success, and humility produces every moment of joyous fellowship with the Lord.

Now back to Genesis 3. This is the crash site. As we sift through these verses and piece together the remains of the fall we can see just what lies Satan told. And, we can see if those lies or spiritual flaws are present and harming us today.


1.  Doubt God's Word v. 1a "Has God indeed said". What Satan wants is for us to DOUBT GOD. We doubt God when we doubt His Word. Satan wants us to believe that God's Word is just like any other book. It is nice, helpful, but not absolute. He wants us to question God's Word, avoid God's Word, and neglect God's Word or whatever else it takes to get us out of regular contact with the Lord.

2.  Doubt God's Goodness v. 1b "‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden'?" What Satan wants is for us to DOUBT GOD. We doubt God when we doubt His Goodness. Satan wants us to believe is that God is trying to hold out on us, He is robbing us of some good times, He is out of touch with our needs, He missed that disaster we just went through, He messed up on how He made us, He means well but doesn't quite have everything under control. This is a direct attack on the character of God. One of the great truths about our God is the moral attribute of God we know as His GOODNESS.

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