Discover the Book - October 16


No Testimony More Vivid than the Ark

Are you absolutely sure that you are headed to Heaven when you die?

Is it presumptuous to think that you can know for certain that you are saved securely forever? I think not. The reason for such a conviction is rooted solidly in God's Word. One of the clearest places is in our text today. Open you're your Bible, get your pens and study Christ our Ark of Safety with me!

Please open with me to Genesis 7  The chapters we will look at contain some of the greatest portions of the Bible that speak of the Security we have in the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Are you safely in His Ark of Salvation today?

 The longest week in history started with the loud thud of the massive entrance to the ark slamming shut. With no other means of exit other than a 45-foot plus drop from the deck Noah and family were trapped.

  • Day one the crowds yelled, jeered and called out for the flood.
  • Day two and growing animal smells and sounds, passed slowly, more yells and jeers as the crowd grew larger. Many people along the roads had followed the incredible river of animals walking quickly and orderly two by two. Crossing Noah's field they went up the ramp into that huge building Noah had built over the past 120 years.
  • Day three was really hard, nothing happened except it was getting warm in there. The animals seemed to be all quieting down almost like they were going to sleep.
  • Days four through six passed with constant heckling drifting up the walls to the family quarters atop the Ark. Then on
  • Day seven a loud thud was heard on the roof, and then another as massive drops of rain began to pelt the earth. . . the flood God promised Noah, and the Flood Noah had warned the world about had come.

A massive drop of water hit Mr. & Mrs. Scoffer sitting in their lawn chairs in their back yard. They have sat here on and off over the last century drinking and jeering that old neighbor and his kids that had gone off the deep end. This guy who lived next door was crazy. He was ruining the neighborhood. His farm was now a construction site. A massive 450 foot long building, 75 feet deep and nearly five stories high was out in his pasture. When he wasn't out there dragging wood around he would loudly preach to all of the spectators that gathered to watch about some crazy disaster coming. Water was going to fall on us and cover all of us up? He claimed some deity somewhere was offended by our demon worship, drunkenness and murder. Splat, another wet object jarred Mrs. Scoffer awake. She had been dozing after the effects of last night's revelry.

On The Ground In The Flood

In fact most of the hundreds of milling town's people were still red eyed. It was almost exactly seven days since Noah and all his family went up that ramp into their wooded building. Some say that the ramp had lifted itself up and sealed the entrance. All we out here know is that the building had no visible entrance left. And now it was getting hard to see, as the sky had grown darker and darker. Animal sounds were the only sign of life coming from the small windows at the top. All of them were starting to get their mocking banter going when the huge clear missiles started arriving from the sky. It was fun at first. The water was cool and drenched our seats and us. Then as the tempo increased it became uncomfortable to stand under them so we began to retreat out of old Noah's yard and back across the field to our homes. As we walked by the piles of lumber, saws and scaffolding the water raining down on us was like a thick curtain. We could hardly see to walk.

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