Discover the Book - November 8


Christ Is Our Refuge
The Safest Spot

"Grace to you and peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come."

-Revelation 1:4, emphasis added

As Jesus graphically unfolded the events of the end of days before John's eyes, how did He prepare him for what was to come? He reminded him of His grace and peace. Now, as we see those very days actually unfolding before our own eyes, Christ wants to remind us that we, like John, are securely kept by His grace and peace as well.

Have you ever wondered where the safest spot on earth is physically? It is located in Colorado. There, nestled in the Rockies, under Cheyenne Mountain, a half-mile deep in its granite corridors, is a super-secure missile defense command center called NORAD.

Built at the height of the Cold War, the command center is able to withstand any bomb blast or chemical or biological weapon attack. Anyone residing within can be sustained for two years, but only if he or she is able to get there in time to avoid the attack.


The safest spot in the universe, even safer than Cheyenne Mountain, is also the closest. It is closer than any man-made shelter on earth. As we approach the end of days, the safest spot in the universe is in Christ, the perfect refuge only God could design.

Jesus Christ is our hope, our refuge, and our salvation. He is as close as a cry, an outstretched hand, or an upturned heart. He is only one thought or prayer away. From any location, anyone can instantly arrive in that safest of all places. That is our ultimate hope as we approach the end of days.

When all else is shaken, only Christ is that secure and lasting refuge. But how do we reach that refuge? His Word says we are to lay hold of the hope set before us(Hebrews 6:18). What is that hope? It is the Lord Jesus Christ himself (see 1 Timothy 1:1)! In other words, the safest spot in the universe is in the embrace of Jesus.

Are you resting in His embrace? That spot of safety is only a prayer away!

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