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Wonderful Counselor


The blessing of God with us started at Christmas, but triumphed at the cross and empty tomb. After Resurrection Day Jesus said now I am with you always (Matthew 28:20). That means that the greatest blessing of Immanuel is how Jesus is now available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.  

To help us see what Jesus wants to do as God with us today, we have the New Testament record. If we just limit our examination to one event in each of the chapters in the gospel by John we can understand how Jesus was meeting people right where they were—just as He wants to do right here in our lives today: 

  • Watching Nathaniel sit and think under a tree, Jesus answered his questions (1:46-49). The Lesson: You can bring all your questions about the future to Jesus.
  • Attending a wedding, Jesus rescued the servants when the wine ran out (2:9). The Lesson: You can bring your emergencies big or small to Jesus. 
  • Waiting up, Jesus explained salvation to Nicodemus when he slipped to Christ's side in the dark (3:2). The Lesson: You can bring your spiritual struggles, even your doubts about salvation, to Jesus. 
  • Sitting on the well, Jesus revealed His true identity to a seeking woman overflowing with sins (4:18-19). The Lesson: You can bring your sins past, present, and future to Jesus. 
  • Approaching the paralytic lying on the ground, Jesus healed him when he was hopeless and helpless (5:6). The Lesson: You can bring your limitations, weaknesses, besetting sins and all to Jesus
  • Coming across the waves to a storm-tossed boat, Jesus quieted the fearful disciples (6:17-19). The Lesson: You can bring all your fears to Jesus. 
  • Finding the blind man in his darkness, Jesus opened his eyes (9:6-7). The Lesson: You can bring your confusing times to Jesus.
  • Defeating death and its hopelessness at the grave of Lazarus, Jesus offered new life (11:25-27). The Lesson: You can bring your fears about death to Jesus.
  • Accepting the worship of Mary who loved Him so, Jesus received it as a sweet fragrance (12:3-8). The Lesson: You can bring your love and pour it out upon Jesus
  • Confronting His disciples with their dirty feet and hearts filled with pride, Jesus washed away their sin (13:5-15). The Lesson: You can bring your besetting sins to Jesus for His cleansing.
  • Assuring His disciples when they had troubled hearts, Jesus promised that they had a future mansion with Him in heaven (14:1-6). The Lesson: You can bring your future to Jesus
  • Promising to convict when hearts were sinful, Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to keep His children on track spiritually (16:7-9). The Lesson: You can bring your secrets to Jesus. 
  • Praying for sanctification by the truth of His Word, Jesus promised to open His children's understanding of the Scriptures (17:17). The Lesson: You can bring your need for life changing Bible-study times to Jesus.
  • Caring for His mother even as He died, Jesus set an example of the importance of family (19:25-27). The Lesson: You can bring your family and each individual need and entrust them to Jesus.
  • Finding Thomas in his doubt and bringing him to faith, Jesus lovingly reassured him (20:25-29). The Lesson: You can bring your doubts no matter how dark, painful, and embarrassing to Jesus
  • Standing on the shore when Peter needed restoration, Jesus lovingly inspired Peter to greater service for Christ (21:15-18). The Lesson: You can bring your failures whether public or private to Jesus.

I encourage you to go back through the above list and pause on the bold action statement at the end of each point. Think about what Christ wants to do in your life personally.  

It can help cement these truths in your mind if you say each of them out loud:  

  • "I want to bring my questions to You, Jesus;"
  • "I want to bring my emergencies to You,  Jesus;"
  • "I want to bring my struggles to You, Jesus"; and so forth.  

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