Air 1 Radio's Jeremy "JB" Burgess: A Man of Exquisite Tastes

John Shore

This summer I wrote a piece entitled Why Would I Rather Listen to Belching Throat Singers Than Contemporary Christian Music? You might think that's a really obnoxious title for a blog post. And you'd be right. But that didn't stop Air 1 Radio's night-time deejay Jeremy "JB" Burgess from eloquently responding to it.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, JB bought one of my tee-shirts. Then, this morning, he sent me this picture of himself inside Air 1 Radio's studio, wearing said shirt. As I gaze upon the good JB wearing my good tee, I find myself thinking, "Those are some pretty sad Christmas decorations. What is this, Charlie Brown's radio station?"

Those are fried pork rinds JB is munching. Mmmmm ... delicious fried pork rinds. They're like the cotton candy of pigs. They're potato chips on the hoof. They're the popcorn of porkers. They're ... well, let's just stop there.

Anyway, thanks, famous deejay JB! Someday I would like to meet you in person. We'll go on a picnic! You bring the fried pork rinds. And I'll bring the other bag of fried pork rinds.

And together, heartily chomping away, we will make a joyous noise unto the Lord.


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