Study Finds Age 16 "Tipping Point" of Unhealthy Lifestyle

Jim Liebelt

New research has tagged age 16 as the "tipping point" when unhealthy lifestyle habits take hold, paving the way for various disorders and diseases in later years.

According to researchers, although bad eating habits, alcohol abuse, and sedentary lifestyles take root between 19 to 26 years, they are all cultivated in early adolescence.

Lead author of the study, Marta Arrue from the University of the Basque Country in Spain stated, "Bad eating habits, ingestion of alcohol and sedentary lifestyles are all unhealthy life habits that are already being detected in early adolescence and that are especially predominant amongst women and young people between the ages of 19 and 26.

The analysis revealed that age 16 was crucial because adolescents can either opt for healthy activities or be lured by more risky behavior.

Marta found that the most dangerous habits were food related, alcohol abuse, sedentary lifestyle, sexual escapades, use of tobacco and drugs, and lastly poor sleep patterns.

Experts theorize that the best course of action to prevent the problem would be to nip it in the bud since changing habits that have already taken hold is a monumental challenge, fraught with road blocks and disappointments.

Source: the medguru