Jamie Grace’s Hold Me EP Keeps It Diverse

Christa Banister

Artist: Jamie Grace
Title:  Hold Me EP
Label: Gotee

Much like the guy who got her record label going in the first place, namely the always-diverse industry vet tobyMac, 19-year-old singer/songwriter Jamie Grace isn’t afraid to mix things up either on her four-song debut, HoldMe.

Following in the same span-the-genre footsteps of Gotee artists before her, Grace demonstrates a myriad of talents on Hold Me, a memorable introduction that should help distinguish her from the pack of new artists also hoping to stick around for a while.

Whether she’s serving up a hybrid of feel-good hip-hop, rock and pop on the standout title track, rocking the oh-so-funky strains of “One Song at a Time” alongside tobyMac’s Diverse City bandmember GabeReal or reintroducing one of dcTalk’s big hits, “Into Jesus” to a brand new audience, Grace does it all with style and aplomb.

Exploring the complexities of the Christian life with a thoughtful and encouraging lyrical approach, Grace’s songs point listeners in the right direction without being preachy. Truth be told, there’s something downright relatable about what she sings—and how she does it, even though she’s so young. And that can definitely go a long, long way with a wide, wide audience, provided she can keep the great songs comin’.

Funny enough, just when you think you’ve got her secrets to success all figured out, however, a nicely placed curve ball, a pretty, plaintive ballad, “Holding On” helps keep things interesting. Now with that many tricks up her sleeve for her EP, one can only hope the surprises will continue on a future full-length effort. Fingers crossed in the meantime, anyway.