Discover the Book - April 7, 2012


Strategic Planning to Face the Coming End of Days

Each day there is a new opportunity for each of us to invest as much of that time as we want to into the First Eternal Bank of Jesus Christ, located at the Throne of the Almighty Ancient of Days, at the source of the River of Life, in the center of the Crystal Sea, also commonly known as Heaven.

As we open to Revelation 4, we all need to hit the reset button of our souls. The scene we read here is REALITY. Sometimes when our computer, phone, or even heating/air conditioning system gets messed up, we hit the “reset” button and restore the “factory” settings to get it back to working correctly. So today we need to spiritually.

Hit theReset Button

That is exactly what Revelation 4 is, a reset for our immortal and eternal souls. It is a migration of our spirits back to what God intended us for; and where we shall be eternally so we should point that way now.  Please read Revelation 4:1-11.

Today, everything surrendered and consecrated and yielded to God flows upward to that Throne. What is your balance in your account there before the Throne we just read about, in the Bank of Jesus? Have you paused to:

Check yourBalance

How many moments have you sent to Him wrapped in prayers and praises that rose before Him and He placed them into your account with joy accepting your offering?

How many hours have you gift wrapped in worship and adoration, and express shipped to the Lord, and as He opened them, they were a fragrant offering that pleased Him?

That scene of the Throne, and those offerings of time redeemed for eternity are the ultimate reality, all else is temporal, imitational, and unimportant. Reality is seeing life both as it really is, and as it really will be. Only God's Word can give us a perspective grounded in reality.

Who is your model for daily living? Is it someone who sees life as God wants it seen, or someone who is fooled by the temporal and material instead of the spiritual and eternal?

Some of the greatest role models for us are the saints who have gone ahead of us in the race. At the end of his life the great Reformer and servant of the Lord, Martin Luther shared what kept him going through such lifelong adversity and hardships.

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