Discover the Book - October 16, 2011


Seeing God Even When We Are Imperfect

As we open to Psalm 18, we are entering the last days of David. No one else in Scripture has more space devoted to their life other than the Lord Himself. David is God’s object lesson to each of us on: how hard life can be, how much we can struggle, how greatly we can fail—and how incredibly God can use us.

As we will see in these 50 verses of David’s longest Psalm, David extolled the Lord as his Master and King. Psalm 18 shows us so clearly how David made it through a very long and difficult life, and then how he went on to overcome feelings of loneliness and uselessness in the waning years of life.

And, although it’s been 3,000 years since David’s time, his fervor for life and deep desire to embrace God through his long obedience in seeking the Lord can still thrill our souls!

David’s life was carved into the bedrock of God’s Word for a wonderful purpose. Through his godly responses in life’s unending struggles, the Lord was giving Divine Truth to help us learn how to overcome trials in our own lives.

In the thirty-one psalms the Holy Spirit inspired David to write during his greatest struggles, he captured how the Lord was his Refuge. But even after all those wonderful psalms, I’m praying that Psalm 18 will become the most meaningful and precious to you!           

I have dearly loved this study of David’s life because of the way God’s grace is so visibly brought forward as the grace that saves, the grace that forgives, and the grace that gives new beginnings each day and every hour.            

For grace says: “I, the Lord God, am committed to finishing what I have started in your life! Even though I am going to keep cleansing you as often as needed, I will love you no matter what you do. Nothing can make Me love you any more or any less!” That means you and I must continue—



David’s whole testimony declared that it doesn’t take perfection to please God. One of the reasons it’s taken so long to study his life is that it requires time to cement in our hearts and minds that God does not demand nor expect perfection.

The example God presents us in His Word of David’s life teaches us that to please God:

·         You don’t have to befearlessDavid was often afraid and had to flee to the Lord. Remember that the next time you are afraid!

·         You don’t have to beperfectDavid was smitten by guilt and confessed his sins to the Lord. Remember that the next time you are stained by sin!

·         You don’t have to have aperfect marriageDavid had marriage problems he gave to the Lord. Remember that the next time you are weeping over the stress and pain in your relationship with your partner!

·         You don’t have to haveperfect childrenDavid has no recorded children who followed the Lord to the end of their life. Remember that the next time you feel the harsh blast of your children’s disobedience, disrespect, or ingratitude!

·         You don’t have to beconstantly sereneDavid was often depressed and had to sometimes crawl back to the Lord. Remember that the next time you feel too discouraged to even get out of bed, go to work, or look another person in the eye!

But to please God we dohave to experience God’s grace—and David’s entire life was covered with grace. For he was imperfect, sometimes David flat out failed the Lord while at other times he was fearful, depressed, or troubled.

But God always looked upon him not as he was, but as he would be. The Lord saw his heart, knew his deepest desire, and forgave all the rest.

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