The Truth Behind XXX

Jim Daly





It's not what you think.hersheykiss1.jpg

Today is Valentine's Day and millions of us are affectionately signing a card to our loved one with the symbol, "XOXO" or "XXX" to communicate a triple kiss.

But did you ever wonder where that tradition of the letter "X" representing a kiss comes from?

It would surprise a good many, I think, to discover that it's rooted in Christianity.

In the early days of the Church, a cross mark, or an "X" was used to reflect a sworn oath. Many people couldn't write in those days and would instead write an "X" in place of their signature. To seal the deal, they would then kiss the spot of the mark, keeping in tradition with those who would kiss a Bible upon which they had just sworn a specific oath.

When early believers saw the "X" they were reminded of Christ's sacrificial death on Calvary. In the Greek alphabet, "X" is also the first letter of the word for Christ, Xristos.

So beyond the flowers and chocolate and scratching three X's on a card or note, how do express Christ's love for your spouse or significant other?

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