Giving Gifts Part II: Gift Ideas

Chris Legg

 As mentioned in the “how to” section of gifts, a great gift for one woman might be a disaster with a different one since for them, gifts are about knowing her and knowing what the gifts mean to her. However, I will list here some gifts that have been meaningful to my wife:

Stuffed animals -- there is a little girl in every woman, and gifts that remind her of this and allow her to embrace this are usually a good thing... (crayons and a coloring book are good for this too.)

A trophy for being a great wife and mom

A special thing that cools canned drinks super cold super fast

Flowers – as promised, I will give you a big hint about flowers that I have learned as a therapist over the years. First, certainly, every woman in the world should receive a dozen roses at least once in her life. Second, every woman should have flowers delivered to her at least once by a delivery company. However, with the exception of one woman who had never gotten a dozen, every single woman of the dozens I have asked has offered a special insight: Would you rather get a dozen flowers or would you prefer to get one a week/month for 12 weeks/months. All but that one said they would prefer to receive one at a time spread out.  Why? If you need to ask, you didn’t read part 1 of this series. A dozen tell her once that you know her and are thinking about her; 12 spread out tell her that 12 times. Flowers too expensive? Most grocery stores have them cheap and they are just as nice if you aren’t having them delivered.

A towel warmer

A nice silk slip -- generally lingerie from you is best when it isn’t too kinky, but instead communicates to her beauty and femininity. I looked around (I warned the guys who are on the other end of my accountability website that week!) and really appreciated Wintersilk’s tasteful website, quality products, and good prices.  Let me reiterate: you do not want to communicate to your wife, by accident, that you see her as a sex object or worse, a prostitute! Unless she asks for something kinky, you are better off going with elegant.  

Her favorite movies and music – often before she knew they were out on video. I know it hearkens back to the 80s, but girls still seem to love music mixes. Remember: knowing her and intentional time spent and thinking of her! So…

The old favorite of burning a CD of her favorite songs is a winner.

Earrings that are connected to where I have traveled.

Special things from the kids – especially jewelry that she can wear everyday

Gift cards for special places -- and then take her, or send her while I take the kids

A very soft Brookstone cuddle blanket

Chocolate hidden in the house for when she has a chocolate attack

Footie pajamas

A soft drink or candy bar when I buy gas on the way home from work

When I travel more than a couple of nights, I leave little gifts for the kids to open every day. Sometimes the toughest things about having the kids like that is there being no break. The little gifts (often dollar store) give the kids something to do for an hour or two each day.

Whatever coffee cup she is drooling over at the coffee shop (she always wants one of them)

I will add more as I think of them, but I need ideas too! Please add ideas here!

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