Discover the Book - May 15


The Power of Contentment

Jesus is watching us, and warning that choices we make can blind us to spiritual realities around us. In this final church(Laodicea in Revelation 3)Jesus warned them that their longing for riches caused them to be blinded to their real spiritual condition and needs.

Riches piled upoften reflect discontent; and a lack of contentment always has dangerous effects upon our spiritual life. Jesus says we need to ask Him to help us see what love of money can do to us. One area of blindness that discontentment with wealth can produce is an insensitivity to the needs of the less fortunate around us. We often need to check how we are doing in having Christ like compassion for the poor.

The Question of Compassion

What was Christ's most frequent emotion? Compassion, right?  He was moved with compassion. When we aren’t there is usually one cause, we are rich and increased with goods, feeling we need nothing, and are not sacrificing for others.

Jesus wants us to view money as a tool to use for Him, not as a commodity to endlessly stack up for ourselves and our own pleasures. So, contentment is a key tool to stimulate us to:

Learn How to LayHold Upon Eternal Life

Jesus talks to us about temporal Life, which is everyday life.  Life that has aches and pains, deadlines and pressures, hopes and fears, ups and downs.  It is life getting up, going to school or work, and waiting for special things like dinners, dates, vacations, and events.  It is a life that is framed by our body, our car, our job and our world we have experienced.  In other words it is LIFE, as we all know it.

Now, when we were saved, and the Lord regenerated us by the new birth, we were born a second time.  Our first birth put us in the Temporal Life; our second birth puts us in the Eternal Life.  Both run parallel for 30, 40, 50, 60 or even 80 plus years.  In fact most of us barely experience the Eternal part of Life.  We know it is there, we hope in it for the future but we don’t exactly know what to do with Eternal Life today as we are so completely overwhelmed by our Temporal or physical world.

Jesus warns us that when we lack contentment we begin to live for the temporal and the earthly; and then materialism gets us in its grip.

Living forEternity

Contentment frees us to stop wanting more and to learn how to be rich in eternal terms instead of mere physical terms.

Contentment frees us to invest in Heaven instead of laying up our treasures on earth.

Contentment helps us see that our life span and our resources were all given us by Another who owns us and wants a return on His investment.

The power of contentment comes as we surrender all we have and are to Jesus.

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