Discover the Book - August 1

Know That Christ Is Alive

 As the end of days approaches, you can find genuine and lasting hope by knowing Christ's presence!

 [John] bore witness to the word of God, and to the testimony of Jesus Christ, and to all things that he saw.

- Revelation 1:2, emphasis added

John saw Jesus on Patmos-alive and powerful. The book of Revelation introduces us to the risen Christ of the Gospels and shows Him as the real Christ. When Jesus stepped from the tomb on Resurrection morning, God unleashed the greatest power of all. And that is what Jesus Christ is like TODAY!

Often we fail to understand the magnitude of what really happened that morning. After His Resurrection, something had wondrously changed: Jesus no longer limited himself to one location. From the manger to the cross, He had been limited for thirty-three years to beingin only one place at a time. Jesus had humbled himself, emptied himself, and limited himself to being localized. But now He was accessible anywhere, anytime, and to anyone! His power was then available everywhere, and all the time! That is absolutely amazing!

Even in His condition of being localized, Jesus accomplished more than any human ever has or will. He grew up perfectly, mastered God's Word perfectly, and related to His family, friends, and neighbors perfectly for thirty years.

At the dawn of Jesus' public ministry, He perfectly obeyed God at His baptism; He perfectly defeated Satan's advances in the wilderness; and He perfectly began to serve God's will as He set out as an itinerant preacher.

For three and one-half years Jesus awesomely served in the power of God. Wherever He went, Christ's very presence made sure that death fled, disease faded, and despair melted. Broken bodies that came in contact with Jesus were mended; ruined lives were repaired; sightless eyes were restored; deaf ears were filled with sound; missing fingers were returned; and hungering lives were satisfied. And Jesus did all that while being in one place at a time.

Christ is alive! After the Resurrection, because Jesus was no longer trapped by time and space, He seemed to be everywhere at once. The New Testament records Jesus crisscrossing the tiny land of Israel from north to south over the next forty days.

We find him on mountaintops, back roads, inside locked rooms, on the shore, and everywhere else that He was looked for or needed. He met with the grieving women at the tomb, comforted the sorrowing Mary, calmed the frightened disciples (inside the locked room without opening the door), showed up at dawn on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, confronted and restored a soaking-wet Peter, assured a doubtful, trembling Thomas, and visited with every one of the five hundred others who had believed on Him.

Jesus accomplished all that in an occupied country crawling with spies, soldiers, and religious leaders filled with hatred. And for forty days after the empty tomb, He was never seen, even once, by any unloving eyes; He was never touched, even once, by unloving hands. Christ's presence was unstoppably available-everywhere. And He's the same today!

For the previous three and one-half years, Jesus' followers could have any need met- if they could find Him. But now, because of the cross and empty tomb, He is available anywhere, anytime, and to anyone. Therefore, any sin can be forgiven; any doubt can be overcome; any sadness can be comforted; any disappointment can be stopped; any fearfulness can be arrested; any loneliness can be ended; and any defilement can be cleansed.

Today, know that Christ is alive! So think about Christ being constantly available within you to help your fears, doubts, pains, and temptations. He is only a prayer away-so call upon Him!

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