The Four Spiritual Secrets - Apr. 1, 2013

MBC Daily Devotional


A Magnificent Obsession

“Jesus said to them, ‘my food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.’” (John 4:34)

When Jesus met a Samaritan woman at a well in Samaria He sent the apostles into a nearby village to buy food for their lunch. When they returned with the food He refused it and spoke the words quoted above. He obviously wanted to have a private interview with this woman.

His interview has been summarized by a riddle. “The SW met a SW at a SW. The SW became a SW and went on to become a great SW.” The explanation of the riddle is as follows: “The Savior of the World met a Samaritan Woman at a Samaritan Well. The Samaritan Woman became a Saved Woman and went on to become a great Soul Winner.”

When the apostles returned they marveled that He was speaking with a Samaritan woman of questionable reputation. Earlier in this chapter we are told that Jesus was just passing through Samaria. He wanted to reach this woman who would reach all of Samaria for Him after He left. We’re told that she did this for Him.

He told the apostles that this was the work of God for Him. And doing the work of God was His food. The magnificent obsession of Jesus was to do the work of God. Is the work of God a magnificent obsession for you? If you are serious about being an authentic follower of Christ it should be