No One Higher A Study In Worship

Amy Hauck

Artist: North Point InsideOut
Album: No One Higher
Label: EMI Distribution

Many think of today’s youth as the future leaders of our world, however, the truth is they are already leading now. These spring chickens are the proverbial trendsetters, breathing life into new ideas, and perpetuating movements through digital nuance and social media. We are foolish to think that they will wait to “lead” until they are older. Thus, churches like Pastor Andy Stanley’s in Atlanta Georgia seem to be on to something when they pour time, resources, and creativity into their youth programs. North Point Community Church’s student ministry, InsideOut, released a live recording comprised of original and covered songs alike, featuring the vocals of worship leaders: Seth Condrey, Eddie Kirkland, Heath Balltzlglier, and former The Voice contestant, Chris Cauley.

The collection of 10 melodies starts with a digital dub step-esque intro that leads into the high energy, “Can’t Stop Singing” where vocalists belt out with grateful hearts, “You have saved my life / I can’t stop singing!” The next, with a catchy refrain, urges worshippers to “respond to love and mercy he has shown us” and to praise the King of Glory. “God is For Us” reinforces the passage in Romans chapter 8, that “we are more than conquerors” and that our future is secure in God. The next tune, “My Next Breath” is an original that expresses the broken heart of a worshipper who has just realized, with great relief, they are not beyond repair. The title track “No One Higher” begins with a beautiful piano intro and refrain that hits a sweet spot with the heart.

In fact, each of these songs is loaded with flawless vocals, fun and energetic swelling choruses and lyrics that point to Heaven. This project is chalk full of talent and authenticity, which is why I’m sure coming out with this record was a great way to put Godly music into the hands of North Point’s youth, AND make it accessible, fun, and easy to listen to. This is something they could share with their friends. What better way to equip our young leaders with something that can help them return to their first love, or even better, find out who their first love is to begin with?

Though this project does not stick out as overtly unique, it is absolutely well done and I hope they will continue to produce projects like this for the youth of their church and beyond.

*This Review First Published 2/25/2013