Discover the Book - August 11


Worship Jesus for His Mission

"Now I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse. And He who sat on him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and makes war."
-Revelation 19:11, emphasis added

Worship Jesus not only for His majesty and His message, but also for His mission, which is clearly seen in Revelation 4-19.

  • Worship the loveliness of Jesus as He is at the center and focus of your worship, saying: "You are worthy, O Lord!" (Revelation 4)
  • Worship the sacrifice of Jesus at the throne of the universe as the Lamb of God. For worthy is the Lamb who was slain! (Revelation 5)
  • Worship the wrath of Jesus as He unleashes the seals that display His holy wrath against sin. (Revelation 6)
  • Worship the love of Jesus as He, in the midst of the destruction of the planet, sends His witnesses to rescue more lost and helpless sinners by giving them the gospel message. (Revelation 7)
  • Worship the patience of Jesus as He controls His wrath to listen and respond to prayer while He awaits His perfect timing and continues to freely offer salvation. (Revelation 8)
  • Worship the judgment of Jesus as He judges hardened and unrepentant sinners. (Revelation 9)
  • Worship the mystery of Jesus as Judge, for "the little book" given to John to eat, and that the mystery of His plan will be finished-just as He declared through His servants, the prophets. (Revelation 10)
  • Worship the witness of Jesus by trusting His Word through the two witnesses that all things that God has promised will be fulfilled. (Revelation 11)
  • Worship the victory of Jesusas He shows His people His ultimate triumph. God's saints are seen overcoming the devil by the blood of the Lamb, the word of their testimony-and by not loving their lives unto death. (Revelation 12)
  • Worship the genuineness of Jesus as He exposes the lies of Antichrist-the counterfeit Christ who so poorly represents the infinite eternal Jesus. (Revelation 13)
  • Worship the compassion of Jesus in sending the everlasting gospel even when the earth is falling apart and the nations are under the wrath of God. (Revelation 14)
  • Worship the beauty of Jesus in the splendor of His redeeming love while the redeemed sing the song of Moses and the song of the Lamb as they worship His works, His power, His ways, and His plan. (Revelation 15)
  • Worship the power of Jesus as He judges the horror of locked hearts to show people the atrocities of their sin. (Revelation 16)
  • Worship Jesus as the bride of Jesus when this chapter unmasks the apostasy of the last days and reveals the true bride (born-again believers) who will sit at the feet of her Beloved Bridegroom. (Revelation 17)
  • Worship the authority of Jesus judging materialism and acclaiming true values as He keys in to humanity's great lack of real values. (Revelation 18)
  • Worship at the banquet for the marriage of Jesus as He celebrates union with His bride-the saints of all the ages. Join in the hallelujahs they offer for His salvation and the judgment of the lost and the wicked. (Revelation 19:1-10)
  • Worship the re-entry of Jesus as He conquers the rebellion, He who is called Faithful and True in righteousness, He whose name is King of Kings and Lord of Lords! (Revelation 19:11-21)

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