Night Whispers - October 29

Night Whispers Devotional

October 29th

Dream word – CHOICE

Psalm 47:1-4

“Oh, clap your hands, all you peoples! Shout to God with the voice of triumph!  For the Lord Most High is awesome; He is a great King over all the earth. He will subdue the peoples under us, And the nations under our feet.  He will choose our inheritance for us, The excellence of Jacob whom He loves.” NKJV

God’s Russian dolls are always opened in reverse

True Karmic destiny is to be content with your position and calling in life, even if you’re gifted as a doctor but still cleaning out the elephant cages! Breaking Karmic destiny, creating bad Karma by ceasing to be an elephant keeper and actually becoming a doctor can have grave consequences for both you and your family both now and in all future life cycles. So is the understanding on one world view held by countless millions in other parts of this weird and weary world.

Tonight I do want to talk about receiving an inheritance but in cosmic proportions and not in Karmic propensity. In others words, when God gives us an inheritance, though it has location with respect to boundaries, both materially and metaphysically, it also has within it, infinite room for eternal growth which can only be gained through a continuing conquest of personal faith. Yes, spiritual acquisition always takes faith, strength and courage! When this trident of pursuance is stabbed into the rear end of all our resistant enemies, they will eventually fall back screaming or be destroyed in the possession! Faith and the need to walk and act by faith is an eternal necessity for the pleasure of God most High. You are not as limited to where and who you think you are or for that matter, even what you do.

When God divides to us our inheritance, we still have the possibility, the need, the desire, even I believe, the expectation of God to also say to Him, “Give me this mountain!” Or, “Give me also springs of water!” Or “Give me also this better gift which I seek”, Or,..well you get the picture.

That possession God has divided to you is an unfolding, never ending, expanding universe of conquest and discovery. There is no need to envy another person’s inheritance, when whole continents, planets, star systems and universes, lay waiting for the discovery in that particular inheritance which is yours.  God’s gifts, you see, are like Russian dolls, the opening of which goes on forever and forever, amen. So, stop whining about your seeming inadequacies and instead start discovering the unfolding of all God's good gifts to you. There is more in you and more to come out of you than you ever imagined! Gods gifts to you, you see, are like Russian Dolls, except when you open them up and take out the next gift and shining possibility, the one inside is always bigger than the one it came from. Believe this and begin to enjoy your discoveries, for at His right hand are pleasures for ever more.

Listen: “For the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Romans 11:29-30 NKJV

Pray: Lord, what wonders lay waiting, all wrapped in sparkling paper, within Your purposeful and never ending gifts to me? Give me O Lord, a spirit of adventure to seek these out and help me take full possession of all Your inheritance divided in love to me, in Jesus name I pray, amen!

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