Did You Know About This Scandal at the Super Bowl?

Jim Daly

Here in Colorado, we’re still basking in the glory of Jan. 19 AFC Championship game victory that bought our beloved Broncos a trip to this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, it won’t all be fun and games in New Jersey this weekend. Beyond the talent of the players on the field and the glitz of the halftime show, the sad reality is that the Super Bowl is, according to Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, “the single largest human trafficking incident in the United States.”

Human traffickers are ready to take advantage of the thousands of men who will be flying in to stay at local hotels for a couple of nights, the party atmosphere and lowered inhibitions. Although law enforcement agencies are on guard, the fact remains many women and children will be victimized as a result.

Those victims are modern-day slaves. As President Obama rightly pointed out in his proclamation declaring January National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, “Slavery tears at our social fabric, fuels violence and organized crime, and debases our common humanity.”

Sex trafficking reduces men, women and children to a commodity, violating God's standards for human sexuality and diminishing the value of human life. The sad reality is that trafficking takes place every single day across our nation, and around the world.

It must break God’s heart.

What can we do? How should we respond?

1. Keep your eyes and ears open.
Learn the warning signs that someone is being trafficked. If you think you see suspicious activity, you can call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center anytime at 1-888-373-7888​​ or text the group at "BeFree" or 233733​​.

2. Find a way to get involved.
There are many solid groups involved in helping victims of sex trafficking you can support through your prayers, monetary gifts or by volunteering.

 Just last year I participated in the “Life and Justice Roundtable” where pro-life leaders discussed issues related to the sanctity of human life. Among the groups represented was Truckers Against Trafficking, a group that mobilizes members of the trucking and travel plaza industry to combat human trafficking.

3. Help create a culture that affirms the dignity of each and every individual.
That means we need to stop turning a blind eye to the link between pornography and trafficking and live out and promote God’s design for sexuality.

To learn more about human trafficking, you can visit Focus’ resource page on the topic, or listen to our broadcast, “Exposing the Dark World of Human Trafficking.”

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