WATCH: Behind the Scenes of Focus’ “Irreplaceable” Movie

Jim Daly

I’ve been blogging a lot (here, here, here and here) about “Irreplaceable,” Focus on the Family’s first movie debuting in a one-night theater event on May 6. In these posts, I mention how Tim Sisarich, the former executive director of Focus on the Family New Zealand, serves as the host to the documentary on family.

On today’s broadcast, you’ll get to meet Tim.

God’s divine providence led us to pick Tim to host of our movie and its DVD-curriculum companion, “The Family Project.” I say that because when we chose Tim to help lead this multi-year project, we didn’t know that he was on his own personal journey as he filmed “Irreplaceable.”

“Irreplaceable”: The Story Behind the Story 

Tim was raised in a Christian family, but it was by no means a “perfect” family. Tim’s dad was serving a prison sentence for embezzlement when Tim was born. It was during his time in prison that he came to know Jesus as Savior.

But as we all know, while salvation is a gift we instantaneously receive, the road of sanctification is not quick. And it was a tough road for Tim’s father – one that hurt the Sisarich family as he battled alcoholism, anger, societal pressures and even infidelity.

As you can imagine, the scars Tim received during his childhood were something he had brought into his own marriage and family as an adult.

So as Tim spoke with experts and real-life families, God used the conversations he had to shape his heart and to help Tim deal with issues he thought he had left in the past.

So when we tell you that “Irreplaceable” highlights the themes of redemption – it’s because it does. Tim Sisarich is proof of that – and as you watch the movie, you’ll get to see how it gave Tim hope for his own life.

Tim shares his experience in our two-part broadcast, “The Irreplaceable Value of Family” with the same unflinching honesty he demonstrated in the movie. During our conversation we talk how understanding God’s grace frees us up the obligation of putting up a false front and how God modeled family before He created the world. Tim also opens up about how he used to try to control his wife, and what God taught him as he faced the open-heart surgery of his infant son.

You can to the broadcast on the radio, online, or via our free, downloadable app.

I’ll leave you with a light-hearted video montage highlighting a behind-the-scenes view into the filming of “Irreplaceable.” Those of you visiting from a mobile device can watch the trailer here.

Learn more about “Irreplaceable,” the one-night theatrical event showing on May 6

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