The Journey - March 26, 2015

The Journey with Ron Moore

Weakness Exposed | Psalm 60:1-5

Todayís Passage: Psalm 60:1-5
Key Verses: Psalm 60:1-2

For the director of music. To the tune of ìThe Lily of the Covenant.î A miktam of David. For teaching. When he fought Aram Naharaim and Aram Zobah, and when Joab returned and struck down twelve thousand Edomites in the Valley of Salt.
You have rejected us, God, and burst upon us; you have been angry ónow restore us! You have shaken the land and torn it open; mend its fractures, for it is quaking.

Life is going well. You are experiencing a good stretch. Then ó boom! ó the unexpected hits. You are attacked in a vulnerable area of your life. The enjoyment of the many victories is marred by defeat. Thatís what happened to David.

David was in the northern part of his kingdom enjoying great success on the battlefield, but the southern part of the kingdom ó Judah ó was left exposed. Edom spotted the weakness and swept in for the kill. David sent Joab to take care of the Edomites in a battle south of the Dead Sea.

Note that this psalm is written ìFor teaching.î This was a didactic psalm written to instruct all readers that victory and defeat come from the Lord. Sometimes he teaches us with great wins. He reminds us that he is always on our side and triumph comes through his strength. Sometimes he teaches us by a loss. He reminds us where we are vulnerable and drives us to meaningful prayer for help and strength. Life is about learning. God is about teaching. Donít miss his instruction.

Father, thank you for success and failure, victory and defeat. Teach us the lessons you need us to learn. Keep us attentive to your instruction. Help us put into practice the things that you teach us. In Jesusí name. Amen.

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