Experiencing LIFE Today - May 4, 2015


"What you want? Baby I got it. What you need? You know I got it." — "Respect," Aretha Franklin (written by Otis Redding)

We have an awesome friend who owns time-shares around the world, giving him access to some beautiful condos in certain places at different times. He came to us several years ago and asked us to use one of his weeks for a vacation. My wife and I were like, “Sure, we’ll serve you in that way.” And off we went.

We checked in to the hotel and were immediately approached by salesmen wanting us to go through their time-share presentation. Not wanting to waste their time, I declined the invitations. But these guys were insistent. They offered us a free adventure package and 20 percent off all of our meals. Finally, we agreed to listen to their presentation.

The next morning as Libby and I sat down, I looked the guy in the eye and said, “Buddy, I can save you an hour of your life. I’m not going to buy a time-share.”

“People say that all the time,” he said. Then he started his pitch.

I tried again, “I don’t think you understand. I’m not buying anything today because I have a friend who gives this to us for free. Since I’ve already got what I need, I don’t need what you’re selling.”

Our impulse to buy is based upon our belief that we need what is being sold. That somehow we are missing something without it. That IF we had it, THEN we’d be happy and content. But let’s be honest, we’ve gotten a bit carried away with our “needs list,” haven’t we? How many times have you heard, “I really need my latte this morning.” Or, “I need a drink.” Or even, “I need a gated community to keep my family safe.”

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life… (2 Peter 1:3)

What do you really need? You need His divine power, the Indwelling Christ – nothing more, nothing less. For in Him you are complete. You already have what you need. You don’t need what they’re selling because you really do have a Friend who gives Life for free!

This one truth, if applied, will keep you from voluntarily stepping into debt’s slavery.

Giver of All Good Things, I thank You for providing everything I need for today through the abundant resource of Your divine power. Knowing You are working on behalf of my contentment is freeing! This I know to be true: You are everything I need. Align my heart so that it is also everything I want. Amen.

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