On Purpose, for a Purpose - Ed Young Television Devotional - 11/20

Ed Young Television Devotional

On purpose, for a purpose

“…everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him.” -Colossians 1:16


“What is the purpose of life?” Since the beginning of time, mankind has sought out the answer to this introspective, yet all-encompassing question. It’s something that has driven philosophers, theologians, scientists, artists, musicians, politicians…all of us. And it’s a question we find the answer to in today’s verse.

Everything in our world was created through and for Jesus. We were created through and for Jesus. If you ever question your purpose in life, remember this verse. Remember that God, who created ALL things, created you with a specific purpose in mind. You are no accident. You have meaning. Spend today reflecting on that reality!


Thank God for creating you on purpose, for a purpose. Ask Him to continue revealing His plan for your life, and for the determination and courage to follow that plan to the end.


None of us is here for ourselves. So right now, think of one person in your life that you have an influence on. Now, invite that person to join you this weekend at Fellowship Church, and help them discover the purpose they were created for as well!

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