The Cosmic Carbohydrate - Ed Young Television Devotional - 12/22

Ed Young Television Devotional

The Cosmic Carbohydrate

"I am the bread of life." John 6:35


Food is necessary for our survival. We must eat in order to continue living. It's a natural fact. But it's not only true for our physical lives. We must also have nourishment to sustain our spiritual lives.

In today's verse, we discover the ultimate meal, the cosmic carbohydrate. But like any great meal, the Bread of Life isn't just thrown together haphazardly. It's served to us by God in the most amazing way - through the local church.

The church is a table where people come to get fed. It's a table where we gather together for the ultimate meal. Throughout this week, we'll be looking at the different chairs at this ultimate table. And we'll discover how our reservation at THE table can transform everything!


Thank God for providing a meal that can sustain you. Pray for the discipline to maintain a diet based on the Bread of Life.


Think about the role of the church in your life, and invite someone to come with you this Sunday!

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