Abiding Above - July 14, 2015


America And The Bible-Part 2

July 14, 2015


A lot of the history that we have as Americans has slowly, subtly, and meticulously, been rewritten for the past 87 years and now people are not sure exactly what we believe as a nation. They are not sure about what they have heard of our founding fathers. For the past 87 years our school children have not been hearing the truth about the founding of our great nation, America. We are in error and we are confused. Instead of there being an outcry, we hear nothing because those in the media today and those who are teaching school in our public school systems are believing the lies they themselves have been telling. Our American history has been and is being rewritten. My friend, it is well past the time that we take a stand for the truth and for the history of our great nation. Let’s once again be about teaching our children and our grandchildren about America’s history and their great heritage.

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