Disney Releases Full Trailer for The Good Dinosaur

Ryan Duncan

2015 is going to be a big year for Pixar. The animation giant has already garnered substantial praise for the tear-inducing Inside Out, but it appears they’re looking to double down this thanksgiving with the release of The Good Dinosaur. Set in a prehistoric world, the movie asks audiences to consider what life would be like if dinosaurs had never gone extinct. Though the film has been plagued with development problem, new reports have confirmed it will reach theaters November of this year. Disney just unveiled the full trailer for this prehistoric adventure, and it certainly aims to impress.

According to Entertainment Weekly,  

The new trailer for Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur introduces audiences to Arlo, an orphaned Apatosaurus who becomes BFFs with a little boy nicknamed Spot. Set against a series of startlingly realistic backdrops that includes dense forest, grassy meadows, and craggy mountain tops, the cartoonish-looking pair encounter a slew of other wild animals. (Think snakes, fireflies, buffalo, and lizards, as well as lots of dinosaurs.) Lead by child actor Raymond Ochoa (American Family) as Arlo, The Good Dinosaur’s all-star voice cast includes Jack Bright, Francis McDormond, Jeffrey Wright, AJ Buckey, Anna Paquin, Sam Elliot, and Marcus Scribner.

Check out the new trailer below! Pixar's from crosswalktrailers on GodTube.

*Published 7/21/2015