Abiding Above - July 29, 2015


America And The Bible-Part 13 

July 29, 2015


When we are worshipping together as brothers and sisters in Christ, there is just a little glimpse of heaven.  Remember, you are only one and you cannot do everything but you can do something. Do not look around to see what other people are going to do. Don’t look at your husband and don’t look at your wife, simply say, “Though none go with me I am going to choose to follow God the rest of my life in the direction He leads me.  I am going to walk the heavenly way. The Bible way.” Choose this way for yourself, and remember God holds you accountable for your own life. What are you going to do with the life God has given you? How are you going to use your time, talents, and your treasures? Don’t get caught up in this world’s systems and its false allures.

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