Somebody Loves You - April 16, 2018

MONDAY 16 April 2018

Love in Our Hearts

Therefore David took hold of his own clothes and tore them, and so did all the men who were with him. - 2 Samuel 1:11

David’s reaction to the deaths of Saul and Jonathan really revealed his true heart. Even though David had run away from Israel and done some bad things, in his heart he loved God; he loved Israel and he loved Saul and Jonathan. He could have rejoiced at the death of the man who chased him from his home, but instead he mourned.

No one would have blamed David if he had celebrated or at least felt relief at the news of Saul’s death, but in his heart he could not celebrate the death of Saul. He still loved Saul and his good friend Jonathan was gone. Even though he could return to everything he left behind, nothing would be the same, because Jonathan was gone.

I think it is important to recognize the state of David’s heart. At this point, he could have been bitter. He could have hated Saul and even Jonathan. They had lived comfortably and he had to leave everything behind. It would have been easy for bitterness to creep in, but David’s heart was close to God.

David did not mourn alone. Because he was such a good leader, his men followed him in mourning. They tore their clothes in mourning. Their actions show the kind of leader David was to them. He had their respect.

Difficult situations reveal our true hearts. If we really love God and walk close to Him, we will not allow bitterness to creep into our hearts. We will love our enemies, just as we love our friends.

He who is not filled with love is necessarily small, withered, shriveled in his outlook on life and things.

~Benjamin B. Warfield~

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