Steps To A New Start [Part 10] - Abiding Above - November 1

Steps To A New Start [Part 10]

November 1

There was a little boy, taken by his mother to see a famous cathedral as an afternoon excursion. As he saw the sunbeams shining through the stained glass windows he asked the minister, “Who are those people on the windows?” “They are saints,” the minister whispered.  Later that evening, the little boy’s father asked him what he had learned at the cathedral.  The little boy said, “I now know what saints are.  They are people who let the light shine through.”

I want to encourage you to live a surrendered life to the control of the Holy Spirit Who lives inside of you. His light in you will shine brightly, only if you surrender.  

Only one life, ‘twill soon be past
Only what’s done for Christ will last
And when I am dying, how glad I’ll be
That the light of my life was burned out for Thee.

Let’s lay all pettiness aside and simply walk with Jesus. Let’s go about sharing the gospel story in an understandable way, and encourage everyone we know, and those we meet in spiritual growth. Let’s finish well! Everything else we leave behind.

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