Somebody Loves You - February 10

WEDNESDAY 10 February, 2016

Mission Accomplished

So the messenger went, and came and told David all that Joab had sent by him. And the messenger said to David, “Surely the men prevailed against us and came out to us in the field; then we drove them back as far as the entrance of the gate. The archers shot from the wall at your servants; and some of the king’s servants are dead, and your servant Uriah the Hittite is dead also.” - 2 Samuel 11:22-24

Joab’s messenger gave David a full report of the battlefront. He retold the details of how some of the men were killed and never hesitated in telling the king of Uriah’s death. Once David heard that Uriah was dead, in his heart he probably thought, “Awesome, mission accomplished, I have got away with my sin.” However, this was not the end, his sin would not remain hidden; it would be fully exposed.

David’s plans were influenced by Satan. Jesus described Satan’s character in John 8:44: ... He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own resources, for he is a liar and the father of it.

Satan thought he won when Jesus was crucified on the cross. On the contrary when Christ died on the cross He, disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it (Colossians 2:15). All demonic weaponry against Christ was removed and the battle for all mankind’s salvation was won. Jesus prayed to the Father: I have finished the work which You have given Me to do (John 17:4).He accomplished His mission.

It is finished.
~Jesus Christ~

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