Bear Grylls Shares Some Sage Advice about Marriage

Ryan Duncan

Though mainly recognized for his outdoor adventures, celebrity survivalist Bear Grylls recently headlined an article in GQ Magazine about the most important relationship in a man’s life: his marriage.

“Now, I definitely don't get this stuff right all the time.” Writes Grylls, a frequent contributor to the magazine, “But I do really want to get it right and I have learnt a lot about what's smart and what's not.

Grylls recalls how his vicar described marriage as a piece of glass. Handle it correctly, and it can be beautiful. Treat it poorly, and it will break apart in your hands. To ensure husbands and wives maintain a strong bond, Grylls recommended men plan date nights, communicate honestly, and invest in their wives. Above all though, husbands must accept there’s no such thing as a perfect marriage. He writes,

“First off, remember that there's no such thing as a ‘perfect’ partner. Marriage is about finding someone whose values and character you love, and then doing everything you can to affirm, encourage and match them.”

“Marriages comes with an emotional bank account, and you have to ensure that your investments exceed your withdrawals. Sometimes we have to work late, be away, or we get angry or act selfishly. These are all withdrawals from our emotional bank account.”

“So how do we make good emotional investments?”

The entire column is worth reading and full of useful insights for any man in a relationship. To view the full article, just follow this link.

*Published 5/18/2016