Somebody Loves You - June 9

THURSDAY 9 June, 2016

A Means to an End

And the king said to Ziba, “What do you mean to do with these?” So Ziba said, “The donkeys are for the king’s household to ride on, the bread and summer fruit for the young men to eat, and the wine for those who are faint in the wilderness to drink.” - 2 Samuel 16:2

David, I am sure was taken back at the sight of Ziba’s supplies. He suspiciously questioned him concerning the use of these rich resources. Ziba had heard of the king’s plight and seemly offered them to the king freely. The king could now ride on a donkey instead of continuing to escape barefoot. Bread and the summer fruit from the fields were used to sustain his fighting men and in the parched wilderness––wine would revive the weak and weary.

Ziba indeed helped bear the burden of this terrible time in David’s life by doing what he could to provide their basic necessities. The king, I am sure, gladly received the supplies with gratitude. But it was only a means to an end; his kind actions were for the sole purpose of achieving something for himself. Ziba may have watched to see if David would decide to come back to Jerusalem. What could he gain in his absence?

I have noticed that when a leader retires people will always look for opportunities to move up. They think about how they can use certain people to get to a place of importance. When you become suspicious of someone watch their actions, what they say and discern their motives. In the end, you will find out their goals. Always pay attention to your suspicions!

It is not enough that our actions be good and praise worthy, if our intentions are not pure and upright. It is to profane  the good to do it with a bad end in view.
~Jean Daillé~

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