America and the Bible [Part 8] - Abiding Above - July 24

America and the Bible [Part 8]

July 24

We have a lot of things that we are ashamed of as a nation because we live in a fallen world. Greece under Alexander conquered the world but he couldn’t conquer himself. He died in a drunken orgy and the civilization of Greece came tumbling down. Rome was the proud ruler of the world, much like in a sense we are today. Everybody once looked to Rome, and like today much of the world looks to America. Do you know what happened? Luxury and lust ate at the center of Rome’s life and Rome perished. At one time it was as if there was no way their nation could ever come down, but it did because of the luxury and because of the lust. You see, America needs to be wise, and Americans need to know that we cannot build upon the things that other nations have built upon. We need to finish well. We built this nation upon the principals of the Word of God, and by the power of the Holy Spirit living in our founding fathers, and this is the same way we need to heal our land and move forward. We need to go back to the Word of God. We need to have a back to the Bible movement. This is our standard. This is our GPS. This is our direction.

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