Somebody Loves You - September 21, 2016

WEDNESDAY 21 September, 2016

Dead Bones

 And David was told what Rizpah the daughter of Aiah, the concubine of Saul, had done. Then David went and took the bones of Saul, and the bones of Jonathan his son, from the men of Jabesh Gilead who had stolen them from the street of Beth Shan,where the Philistines had hung them up, after the Philistines had struck down Saul in Gilboa. - 2 Samuel 21:11-12

After hearing of Rizpah devotion to her sons; David also thought of Saul and Jonathan. In Jewish culture, a body would not continue to hang; they buried their dead the same day. For them not to be buried was an indignity––a humiliating disgrace. Notice the heart of David, he did not have to go and take the bones of Saul and Jonathan–– his best friend, from the Philistines; but the Lord had placed in him the desire to do so.

Remember, David knew what kind of father Saul had been to Jonathan.  How Saul had come against him and yet he loved him. Instead of seeking vengeance David placed Saul into the hand of God. Imagine, Saul had known the Lord but he had stopped listening to Him. God was no longer speaking to Saul––he was in a very empty place in his life.

Prior to the war with the Philistines––Saul went to the witch of Endor to receive counsel from Samuel, who she had brought up from the dead. Facing battle, would you go to a witch? No, you would go to God! Samuel had no words of comfort and said: tomorrow you and your sons will be with me (1 Samuel 28:19);in battle they would be among the dead.

Now excavators have uncovered Beth Shan, the site reveals a beautiful city. When I visit Israel and see this city, I have a picture that has remained in my mind of Saul and Jonathan who hung in Beth Shan at the gates. Reflect on your own life––is God no longer speaking to you? Check your heart; is there any sin? Then expect an empty life.

Sin denies man the power of God in this life
and the presence of God in the next.
~John Blanchard~

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