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SATURDAY January 7, 2017

Broken Down Walls

…The wall of Jerusalem is also broken down, and its gates are burned with fire. - Nehemiah 1:3

Notice, Nehemiah, was given a troubling report. The Jewish people were in great distress, completely vulnerable to their enemies, as the walls were broken down and the gates burned with fire. The people were dreadfully oppressed and depressed. There was absolutely no defense for the city and no watchmen to warn the people when their enemies would approach the city’s walls.

At this particular time, the city and its occupants had no order; their enemies just came in and out as they pleased. Yet, the Lord found one man––Nehemiah who would stir up the people; under his leadership, the city would have order restored. He would once again bring peace to God’s people.

Interestingly, Zerubbabel––a priest and scribe, was used of the Lord to help rebuild the temple, to restore the Jews place of worship. Nehemiah’s emphasis was to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem after the temple was built. He would be in charge of replacing the walls of protection around the city.

Under God’s authority and power, these godly men unified the people. They worked hand in hand for the same reason––to bring glory and honor to God in everything they accomplished.

Many times God wants to do a great work but there are those people whose only desire in leadership is to gain power and authority. They resist being under authority.  But how can God give them authority and power when they are not obedient to God or submissive to work in unity with others?

To be a man of authority you must be a man under authority.
~Raul Ries~

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