Grace Moments Devotions - June 3, 2017

June 3

I don’t know what to do

For a book whose last chapter was completed roughly two thousand years ago, the Bible is an astonishingly comprehensive and contemporary resource. It lays out who God is, what he has done in human history, how he would like to be treated, and how he would like us to treat one another. Want to know how to act? “Should not a people inquire of their God?” (Isaiah 8:19). The more of the Word you know, the clearer your mind.

But it does not answer every question we may have about God’s ways, nor does it provide guidance to every specific life decision we have to make. A man says, “If I take this job, I would have to uproot my whole family. What does God want me to do?” Have you had similar life dilemmas? Many decisions we have to make don’t have morally right or wrong choices. They are judgment calls, and God lets us exercise our judgment to grow us up as his servants and leaders.

When you face a tough choice, (1) find the Bible’s teachings on the subject, (2) pray for inspiration and guidance, (3) draw your family and friends into the issues and ask for advice, (4) make a list with two columns and weigh the pros and cons.

My personal advice when you can’t decide? If a logical analysis leaves you deadlocked, go with your gut. Your insides are usually right.

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