Experiencing LIFE Today - November 30, 2017

Having, First gained all you can, and, Secondly saved all you can, Then "give all you can." — John Wesley

Jesus didn’t have a whole lot to say about financial debt. He spoke of it a couple times, but He didn’t steer anyone toward it or away from it. In fact, financial debt isn’t mentioned in the New Testament at all.

But generosity is.

Are you giving what you want to give? If not, what’s keeping you from being able to give? Jesus and the authors of the New Testament talk a lot about how generosity is an extension of dancing in the Spirit.

So considering that generosity is a way of the Spirit and you are indwelled by His Spirit, what keeps you from living generously?

  • Some of you are afraid there won’t be enough. You stick your money in an account and let it sit because fear overshadows trust.
  • Some of you like to spend it on yourselves. You don’t mean any harm; but every time you walk into a store, there is something there that has been missing from your life, and it’s time to bring it home.
  • For a lot of you, it isn’t fear or self-indulgence that keeps you from giving what you wish you were giving. It’s debt. 

Proverbs 22:7 states, “The rich rule over the poor.”

Those of you in debt know that Solomon speaks truth. You feel completely ruled by your monthly obligations. Opportunities come along and you want to give, but you can’t.

There is good news, friends.

You can be free from debt. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. There’s a lot of self that has to die. But there’s one area of self that the Spirit loves to empower: self-control.

“But there’s one area of self that the Spirit loves to empower: self-control.”

With the Spirit, you have that self-control; and it’s possible that by walking in the Spirit, you can hike your way out of debt!

Giver of all Good Gifts, you desire freedom for me, so I desire the same. I surrender to Your Spirit and pray to learn patterns of self-control in my finances. Show me the way out, and then be in me the will and the strength to follow! Amen.

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