Grace Moments Devotions - February 22, 2018

God is in the small voice
Jason Nelson

Sometimes confrontation is our moral obligation. The difficult conversation can’t be avoided. We have a duty to one another. It is a duty to intervene at a critical moment and make a determined effort to prevent the self-destruction of a soul.

By the time we ramp up our courage to say something, the fuse has been lit. Emotions are pre-charged and ready to go off. Apprehension and defensiveness finally explode into an argument that makes matters worse. It doesn’t go well. There is collateral damage.

So how do we handle expressing our deep concern to someone we care about? How do we make confrontation positive?

God is in the small voice. He is never in the storm. He is never in the fury. (See 1 Kings 19:12.) He is in a sincere expression of unconditional love. He is in the mature demeanor befitting a serious situation. He is in self-control.

God is in the soft tone. He is in a calm way of calling someone by name, not a name. He looks through our eyes into theirs when we speak his truth with respect.

God is in the gentle touch. He is never in a clenched fist. He reaches across a table to place one hand atop another to confirm affection.

God is in the small voice and the quiet that follows.

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