Four Tips to Effective Meetings Part IV - Integrity Moments - June 21

Four Tips to Effective Meetings Part IV

Priya Parker, author of “The Art of Gathering,” shared in a Wall Street Journal article four tips on conducting effective meetings. The fourth tip is to “Cause Good Controversy.”

Ms Parker once facilitated a meeting for an architect firm that needed to decide their new strategic direction. Because the firm had a polite culture she arranged for them to have a “cage match.” Two leaders debated the merits of their case after the others had to pick sides.

Acts 15:2 says, “And when Paul and Barnabas had great dissension and debate with them, the brethren determined that Paul and Barnabas and some others of them should go up to Jerusalem to the apostles ...”

Debate is sometimes necessary. Just find a way to come to a healthy resolution.

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