Somebody Loves You - October 6, 2018

SATURDAY October 6, 2018

Growing in the Lord

And the child Samuel grew in stature, and in favor both
with the Lord and men.

1 Samuel 2:26

Samuel was called by God. He grew, he developed, matured and became wise. The Lord acknowledged Samuel as if to say––that is my child. He had anointed him and called him to become a prophet in Israel.

How do we really know God has called us? I remember when the Lord called me, I did not hear an audible voice, and there was no lightning from the sky.  I was sitting with the Lord, not really knowing how to read the Bible. I was a heathen for so many years, and I was ignorant of the Scriptures. I did not know the stories of the Bible––Moses, Daniel or Samson. So I opened the Bible and just began to read. Then as I began to place the pieces together like a puzzle, the puzzle came together for my own life.

Before I became a believer in Christ, I would look at people and children and felt nothing; but now as a Christian, there is a tugging in my heart––I hurt for them.  I began to see people very differently. I saw people without Christ––lost and going to hell. It was as if scales had fallen from off my eyes, and I had a brand new picture of those around me. People were hurting and crying out; they had no direction in life.

The woman of Samaria shared Christ with the people of the city, and they all came to see Him for themselves. Jesus then said to His disciples: “…look at the fields for they are already white for the harvest!” (John 4:35).  People were coming to know and receive Jesus as the Christ.  Understand that when God begins to put a call on your life, it is because He sees a need in the world. You are His disciple. He will anoint you for His work. What field has God called you to do His work in?

“The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”
~Matthew 9:37-38~

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