50 Media Hours Per Week

Jim Liebelt

*The following is excerpted from an online article posted on MediaPost.

PQ Media released the 6th annual Global Consumer Media Usage & Exposure Forecast 2018-22, which estimates that consumer time spent with media worldwide, including all digital and traditional media combined, is on pace to grow 2.1% to an average of 50.9 hours per week (HPW) in 2018, powered by digital audio, video, books, news and games, and a growing middle class in emerging markets demanding more digital content in their native languages.

Among highlights from PQ Media’s closely watched annual time spent with media are the following:

  • Consumer time spent with media worldwide is projected to increase at a slower 1.5% in 2019, due to the absence of even-year stimulation from major sporting and political events.
  • Driven by continued strong growth in mobile media channels, overall digital media usage is expected to rise an estimated 8.8% to 12.7 Hours Per Week in 2018, accounting for 25% of all global media usage, up from only 15.2% just six years ago.
  • Among the digital media fueling growth this year are mobile audio, video and books, growing by more than 20% compared with their 2017 rates.
  • PQ Media analysts noted the continued shift of consumer time spent with media to wireless devices and mobile media, has distinct generational overtones. Although I-Gens (born 1981-1996) use media much less than older generations, almost 40% of their media consumption is done via digital devices.
  • With the release of the new study, PQ Media has become the first-ever market researcher to track consumer time spent with media among the world’s newest generation, identified as "m-Gens," born starting in 2013.

Source: MediaPost