Somebody Loves You - August 14, 2019

WEDNESDAY August 14, 2019

Confirmation of God’s Call

 Then Jonathan, Saul’s son, arose and went to David in the woods and strengthened his hand in God. And he said to him, “Do not fear, for the hand of Saul my father shall not find you. You shall be king over Israel, and I shall be next to you. Even my father Saul knows that.” So the two of them made a covenant before the Lord. And David stayed in the woods, and Jonathan went to his own house.
Samuel 23:16-18

When David was discouraged and weakened, all of a sudden God placed it in the heart of Jonathan to go strengthen his friend David. Even though Jonathan’s father was David’s enemy, Jonathan remained a faithful friend. He was nothing like his father Saul. Jonathan respected David, and God was in the center of their relationship. Jonathan believed Saul would not find David no matter how hard he tried, because God was with David.

Jonathan and Saul both knew that one day David would sit on the throne.

So Jonathan encouraged David and gave confirmation of his call. Here we find Saul’s son, who was rightfully next in line for the throne, telling David, “You will be King of Israel.”

Jonathan witnessed David’s anointing, he knew God was with him, and, in humility, took a position by David’s side. He desired to fight alongside his friend in battle––I love it! There was no striving between them. Jonathan had no pride. Then they renewed a vow between themselves, and once more parted in peace from each other.

It was a difficult decision for Jonathan to take a stand for righteousness. He stood with David, even though it displeased his father. If you were in a similar situation, would you stand in righteousness with a friend?

“Keep justice, and do righteousness, for My salvation is about to come,
and My righteousness to be revealed.”
~Isaiah 56:1~

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