Praying for Revival, but Not Liking it When it Happens

Jason Soroski

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 12.49.51 PM.png It's easy to say that this whole "Jesus is King" thing is not real, that this is somehow a publicity stunt, that Kanye isn't REALLY a believer. But there have been no reports of anything other than the Gospel being preached and lives being eternally changed.

I think of the Temple Pharisees, who hated the first followers of Christ because they weren't one of THEM, and weren't doing things THEIR way. Those religious leaders said that God's salvation could only come on THEIR terms and on THEIR timetable through THEIR traditions. No revival was going to happen unless THEY were leading it and THEY got the credit.

They they they...we we we...

Turns out they were wrong, and there is a lesson to be learned.

Many have been praying for revival in this nation. But when revival happens, it generally doesn't come from the places we might expect. Don't be caught complaining about people turning from darkness to light because it didn't happen the way you thought it should.

When God moves in the hearts of people, I will choose to be thankful for it and celebrate the salvation that can even save a wretch like me.