Grace Moments Devotions - February 29, 2020

February 29
God’s homework
Jason Nelson

One thing I didn’t like about teaching was correcting homework. The more I assigned, the more I had to correct. And I usually assigned a lot. The more meaningful I tried to make it for my students, the more difficult it was for me to evaluate. It was tempting to use lots of true or false questions because they were easy to correct. But every time I thought of a creative way for my students to show me what they learned, it was a challenge for me to grade.

Every day of our lives we get homework from Jesus. He assigns interesting ways for us to demonstrate we love him and understand what he did for us by dying on that cross and exploding from that grave. You can hear him whispering in the background when we face unexpected challenges: “So, show me what you’ve learned.” The homework is individualized for each of us. Christ always makes us think hard and work hard to put into practice what he taught us. Doing our homework well is never a matter of guilt but is always a matter of conscience and an expression of our love for him.

Jesus isn’t an easy grader, but he is a very gracious one. That gives us confidence in the final analysis. We who believe in him will be passing on to glory. His added comment will bring a smile to our faces: “Good job . . . faithful servant!” (Matthew 25:21 GW).

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