Somebody Loves You - September 25, 2021

SATURDAY September 25, 2021

The Call to Arms

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
Ephesians 6:11

Paul called on Christians to put on the whole armor of God. It is our spiritual protection as we fight against the enemy’s wiles––schemes.

When I first arrived in the jungles of Vietnam, I, along with my comrades, was given a refresher course on our armor and weapons. We received juggle boots and instruction for our socks. As we would wade through rivers and rice paddies, our feet would remain wet most of the time. It was important to change our socks; otherwise, we could get jungle rot.

Marines were issued jungle pants, a flak jacket, a helmet and Ka-Bar––USMC fighting knife. Our armor and weapons gave us protection on the battlefield. It helped save our lives! When anyone became slack and took off any part of their armor, they would often become a casualty.

On one occasion, I was shot by AK-47. I was sitting on a dyke––a rice patty. We were taking a break when a sniper shot me from behind––about 200 meters. It hit my left shoulder. The bullet struck my flack gear at an angle. I had a big burn mark on my back. Seriously, if it was not for my flack gear, I would have my name on the wall in Washington D.C. God has saved my life so many times.

While walking point, I showed a younger Marine how to walk point and how to slowly check the gate for trip wires. As we reached the second gate, I told him to slow down so I could first check it; but he rushed ahead, placing his hand under the gate, and moved his hand up too fast.

I heard the spark; the booby trap blasted. I managed to push him away, but his left arm and both of his legs were gone. It was a terrible night! I had to pick him up and put him in the chopper. I did not even realize I was hit. The shrapnel had pierced my flack gear, but it saved my life yet again.

Satan’s demons are like his snipers. He plants booby traps. His aim is to maim and cripple believers to put them out of commission. Put on the whole armor of God in battle. The Lord wants us to be protected.

The chief weapon we ought to use in resisting Satan is the Bible.
~J.C. Ryle~

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