Mike Farris to Teach Constitutional Law Online

HSLDA announces a new opportunity to "attend" via the Internet a Constitutional Law course taught by Michael Farris. Slated for 18 sessions, this high school-level course will be offered twice during the school year - Fall and Winter. Students can enroll to start in either September or January. Tuition is $180, and is due in full upon registration. Late enrollments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Constitutional Law for Christian Students (1995 Revised Edition) by Michael Farris is the required text and can be purchased for $20. If you happen to have the 1991 edition of Constitutional Law for Christian Students Textbook (yellow cover), all you need is the Constitutional Law for Christian Students Supplement which includes all the new text added in the 1995 edition and can be purchased for $5. You can purchase a copy of either of these books when you complete your online registration form.


Each on-line class session features a 60-90 minute audio recording of Dr. Farris teaching the course material to HSLDA interns. Each registered student will receive a CD containing the audio files for all 18 sessions which they can then listen to at their own pace and convenience. The "current" session and topic(s) will be governed according to the course syllabus.


Several sessions include online supplemental material which can be accessed from the ConLaw Online website. Also included, for eleven of the cases studied, are recordings of the actual oral arguments made before the U.S. Supreme Court.

If online students have questions, they can pose them to Dr. Farris using HSLDA's secure Internet forum. This approach allows all students to see and learn from the questions and Dr. Farris' answers. Also, 10 times during the course (approximately every other week), Dr. Farris will hold a secure Internet chat session with students for "live," text-based discussion.


The secure forums and chat center are also available for student-to-student discussion throughout the entire duration of the course. All posted content is logged, and a strict code of conduct is enforced.


A former bar examiner, Dr. Farris will also pose both a mid-term and final bar-style exam question for the students to research and answer. The exams are intended to test the student's ability to apply the material taught to a fictitious legal scenario. Answers are written in essay format. Dr. Farris will review, critique, and grade each student's midterm and final exam answer, returning them to the student upon completion.


Students who successfully complete the course will receive a letter grade on each test and a certificate of completion.


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