"Jill Paquette" - Music Review

Artist:   Jill Paquette
Label:  Reunion Records

The migration of artists from Canada to America has yielded sweet results for the Christian music industry over the past few years. Artists like downhere, Riley Armstrong and Miranda Stone chose to take their music South and have rocked radio and stages across the United States.

Now listeners can add 24-year-old singer/songwriter Jill Paquette to the mix. With a sound somewhere between the Dixie Chicks’ Natalie Maines and rock chick Sheryl Crow, her record rests in the melancholy pop vein of Aimee Mann.

And the way Canadian transplant Paquette astutely maneuvers her way around the piano and guitar is evidence of the time spent honing her chops. As a singer, she delivers with emotion. Her sound is loose yet well developed. While her songs are often more didactic than poetic, they are effective in relaying the message on her mind.

Throughout the record, she maintains a consistent feel, and one song seamlessly segues into the next. At times, however, it is a bit difficult to distinguish one track from another. The tempo is too often stuck at “mid,” and Paquette rests her vocals safely in a range that, while very pleasant to listen to, may become monotonous after a while. But Paquette’s debut is a solid effort, nonetheless, and she’ll be a welcome addition to the industry.


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