Media Attack On Home Schooling

Fred Alberti

This week HSLDA sent an e-lert regarding a CBS National News report titled "The Dark Side of Homeschooling." According to HSLDA the report was stretched out over two nights and brought attention to "a handful of child abuse cases during the past 5 to 10 years involving families claiming to be homeschoolers."

In one night's episode it reported about a murder/suicide incident involving a family in Johnston County North Carolina. HSLDA reports that what the CBS story failed to include was that "Social Services had contacted the family eleven times, were well aware of the condition of the home and had been working with the family."

It became obvious that CBS was exhibiting a noticable bias against home schooling  by giving the impression that home schooling families are more likely to harbor child abuse within the home.

HSLDA President Michael Smith states, "We are outraged that CBS would ignore the obvious facts and draw the erroneous conclusion that homeschoolers need to be strictly regulated. The story is a shameless attempt to smear an entire community of committed, dedicated parents."

"The real story is CBS's bias against homeschooling and it is using this distorted story to encourage the regulation of homeschoolers," he continues.

As home schoolers we must be sure to express our feelings regarding the poor journalistic manuevering that CBS has lowered itself to.

HSLDA has urged home schoolers to contact CBS and encourage them "to have higher journalistic standards."

You can do this by contacting Viacom President and CEO - Mel Karmazin at 212-258-6000.

You may also want to contact the CBS Evening News LA Bureau by calling 323-575-2202.

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