"Wide Wide World" - Music Review

Artist:    Erin O'Donnell
Label:    Inpop

Erin O’Donnell finally feels right at home in the wide wide world. After two shuttered record labels (which produced three albums and nearly a dozen top 10 radio hits), O’Donnell has joined forces with Inpop Records, one of Christian music’s biggest upstart success stories of the last few years.

Produced by Alain Mallet (Jonatha Brooke) and Mark Hammond (Nichole Nordeman), "Wide Wide World" is a personal album of reflection, gratitude and confession. O’Donnell’s experience as a wife and mother bring an added layer of depth and a feeling of “settledness” to her fourth album.

O’Donnell had a hand in four of the 11 acoustic/pop tracks here, while husband Brad wrote or co-wrote six and acclaimed artist/writer Cindy Morgan contributed to three. The strongest cuts are “To Be Loved” and the title track, where O’Donnell reflects on the brevity of life. Oddly, though the lyrics throughout are transparent, it occasionally feels difficult to connect to O’Donnell through her music. Still, fans of artists like Sarah Masen or Cindy Morgan are likely to find this album a breath of fresh air in a world that too often beats us down instead of lifts us up.

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